Pricing for all listings are currently 100% free!
We are attempting to run on an ad based model, with one ad on the home page and one per listing page (i.e. we are not spamming the site up with ads :) 

Our hope is to continue to keep it free, however, that depends on the amount of user base growth and thus ad revenue this model can generate vs the previous fee for each listing model.
No final value fees!  One important benefit of listing here - there are no 'final value fees' like on Ebay where you can end up paying 8-12% of the sales price.

The concept of our listing structure is one ad for one item.
One listing with a selection of multiple items is not allowed (and why do it when each listing, with specifics for that item, is 100% free :) .

Please note that you will need to register an account to use our site, or you can login and use it with your Facebook account.

Basic Plan (100% Free Per Listing)

Each listing gives you the ability to display up to 6 photos.  
Important - Photos must be under 750kb in size and in the .jpg format for upload. 

(The most common support question is why aren't my photos loading - reason is normally they are too big (must be under 750Kb) or wrong format (must be in .jpg).


Happy listing!