7mm Lab Alexandrite from Stag & Finch

This is a brand new, never set loose "pulled" lab Alexandrite made by the Czochralski method. It weighs 2.09 carats and measures 7mm on the sides. It was precision cut by the talented lapidary team Stag & Finch in the popular design "Void Reaver" by Arya Akhavan. The first photo is from the vendor Stag & Finch and full credit goes to them. 7mm is a great size for a ring or a pendant! It's a gorgeous stone that throws several colors, mainly purple and blue. The green is visible outside but is very hard to photograph. In direct sunlight the Alexandrite appears redder due to fluorescence. In two photos I have the Alexandrite perched in a gem holder to show what it would look like as a ring.

Please contact me by email if you have questions or would like to purchase. I accept payment through PayPal. Contact me if you have another preferred method of payment. I will cover USPS Priority shipping and full insurance for buyers in the U.S. I am a private seller, so all sales are final. Thanks for looking!

Link to videos: https://imgur.com/a/mFZDn0B
Direct contact email: [email protected]