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  • January 4, 2019, 10:31 pm
  • Virginia, United States   

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  • January 4, 2019, 10:31 pm


I was a military service member and deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. In 2007, there were rumors that tanzanite sales funded Al Qaeda and stores such as Zales stopped selling. The rumors were and remain untrue, which has been emphatically confirmed. Due to these rumors, however, the cost of tanzanite dropped considerably for a period of time. The 2008-2010 recession also took a toll. I took advantage and bought a tanzanite stone for $750. When I returned to the US, I had it appraised and mounted into a ring that I still wear. The appraisal came back at $2200. I returned to Afghanistan in 2012 later for another deployment. Prices had started to recover and climb, but stones were still fairly econimical. I bought numerous tanzanite and blue diamond stones. When I returned to the US, I had the stones appraised and mounted again by the same jeweler who had worked on my ring. Again, the appraisal came back at much higher than anticipated.  This appraisal was done in 2012. Tanzanite is still continuing to climb in price, as it was prior to the 2008 recession. It is only available from mines in a single country in all the world. These mines are a limited resource, and stones of any quality are rising in price. Stones of the quality I purchased are exceptional. With rapidly climbing demand and rapidly deminishing supply, the substantial continued value increase of tanzanite over time is to be expected. Already, there has been a threefold increase in just 6 years. Many gemologists and speculative investors are of the opinion that the stone's real value as an investment lies in the potential for astronomic prices once it has been mined out, and the world's enormous demand for Tanzanite can only be catered for from what exists in private hands. At that point, Tanzanite values, most especially for the finest material, will be extremely high. There are other gemstones with a similar history from which we can draw parallels. Paraiba Tourmaline, for example, found in the late 1980's in Brazil, mined out by mid 1990's can now cost as much as US$20,000 per carat. Alexandrite, found in the Ural mountains of Russia a generation ago, and extremely rare in fine qualities, is a similar price. Both stones traded close to Tanzanite prices in the days when they were being mined. This all being said, I don't want to sell any of my tanzanite jewelry, but I just took a huge pay cut for a new job I wanted. It will take a few years to get back to where I'm at now. In the mean time, life will be a tighter squeeze and I'm trying to make it...less squeezy. I'm selling it for the appraisal price from 2012. I can't know what the increased value is today - but I'm afraid to get another appraisal. I don't want to see what the increased value is because I dont want to be tempted to keep it. Worst case scenario.. If it doesn't sell, I guess I'll just have to keep it. I can always eat less, right?


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