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New feature upgrades are coming…

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Welcome to our ‘news’ section for!  This area will be used to keep you informed of the latest features and improvements planned or completed for the DiamondBistro.

Currently, we will be adding the following features this month:

a)Discussion forum directly on each listing - heavily requested, this will let you comment and discuss items for sale right on the listing.  Hopefully this will add additional ‘community’ feel to the site.

b)Sold items and Completed auctions category - We’ll be adding two new categories directly under the main item list (left hand side) so that completed auctions and already sold items can still be found and viewed.  They’ll stay there for 1 year from their completion date.

c)Visual ’sellers other listings’ feature - This will create thumbnails of a sellers other listings (with links) so that viewers can readily see all a sellers items at the bottom of a listing.  Should help sellers increase traffic to their items for sale.

d)Random ‘featured items’ block on the home page - This will be a section on the homepage, that will randomly grab some items to show viewers of the homepage…this is designed to help increase traffic to those listings that are running for longer periods.

There are some other features currently being planned but the above are the immediate features that are ‘in coding’ right now.  We hope to have them on the site by the end of September.