ALL CAPS listings will be removed…

February 23rd, 2010

We’ve been manually editing a lot of listings that use ALL CAPS FOR THE TITLE. 

That will come to an end effective 2/24 - new or open listings that are done IN ALL CAPS will simply be DELETED.

This is to maintain a calm and orderly atmosphere, as using all caps is akin to yelling and is not needed…this is not Ebay.

Proper capitalization is also much easier to read as well.

Again, starting tomorrow 2/24, there will be no edits, no emails, etc. , they will simply be deleted….so if you find your listing removed, you will know why.

New listing requirements…no ALL CAPS or !!!!! usage

September 22nd, 2009

To ensure we keep a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the Bistro, we are implementing a few new requirements for listings:


a)Listing titles cannot be in ALL CAPSb)We do not allow excessive exclamation points (!!!!)c)We do not allow unsubstantiated claims (BEST PRICE IN THE WORLD) 

These requirements will be applicable for all new listings.  Non-conforming listings will simply be deleted as we don’t have time to edit them individually.


Its not likely you will lose a sale because you didn’t have all caps or one too few exclamation points were used, and this should help ensure a reader-friendly atmosphere.


Feedback on this new requirement is always welcome on our message boards (


Daily traffic up +40% the past two months…

September 20th, 2009

Daily traffic to is now averaging over 1,400 unique visitors per day!

We’re pleased to see the growth in both visitors and listings, and believe that will help both buyers and sellers with an even more liquid marketplace for jewelry and fashion items.

Expanded categories

July 12th, 2009

We’ve added on several new categories to keep up with the growth in listings. 

These include ‘Bracelets and Bangles’, ‘Pearls’, and ‘Shoes’.

The pearl category is designed for all types of pearl jewelry, in order to ensure that pearl items did not get buried amongst more standard metal and gemstone type of goods.  The pearl category will expand into sub-categories once it goes beyond one page of listings (i.e. pearl necklace, pearl earrings, etc).

Feel free  to request other category expansions on our message boards!

DiamondBistro Software upgraded!

June 5th, 2008

We’re celebrating having up to 2,000 unique visitors *per day* to our site with a site wide software upgrade.  The upgrade will help smooth out some minor issues as we continue to grow. 

 The upgrade has been completed, though as you may have seen, we went down for about 12 hours.

Anyway, its done and hopefully you’ll find the site even faster than before as a result!

New features starting to roll in…

October 11th, 2007

We’re finally close to rolling out a number of the new features, and you may see some changes over the next few days that may look a bit rough…but bare with us, some of the features have to be put live in order to do the final testing and tweaking.

One completed improvement done today - for those using the ‘newest listings, 24 hour’ feature (to see what was added in the past day), we’ve increased the font size from the default 10 (tiny) to 12, which should make browsing using that feature easier on the eyes!

New feature upgrades are coming…

September 10th, 2007

Welcome to our ‘news’ section for!  This area will be used to keep you informed of the latest features and improvements planned or completed for the DiamondBistro.

Currently, we will be adding the following features this month:

a)Discussion forum directly on each listing - heavily requested, this will let you comment and discuss items for sale right on the listing.  Hopefully this will add additional ‘community’ feel to the site.

b)Sold items and Completed auctions category - We’ll be adding two new categories directly under the main item list (left hand side) so that completed auctions and already sold items can still be found and viewed.  They’ll stay there for 1 year from their completion date.

c)Visual ’sellers other listings’ feature - This will create thumbnails of a sellers other listings (with links) so that viewers can readily see all a sellers items at the bottom of a listing.  Should help sellers increase traffic to their items for sale.

d)Random ‘featured items’ block on the home page - This will be a section on the homepage, that will randomly grab some items to show viewers of the homepage…this is designed to help increase traffic to those listings that are running for longer periods.

There are some other features currently being planned but the above are the immediate features that are ‘in coding’ right now.  We hope to have them on the site by the end of September.