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Premium 9mm Forever One Certified D Color EX/EX/EX

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  • $1,050.00 USD
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  • May 18, 2017, 4:38 pm
  • Utah, United States   

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  • Listing Began:
  • May 18, 2017, 4:38 pm


This Forever One Moissanite has been hand selected through 3 stages of verification to be of the best cut quality you can find in a Forever One Moissanite. This is necesarry because Forever One Moissanite has drastically varying cut quality between each stone, which affects the sparkle, brilliance and beauty of the gem significantly.

This stone was hand selected from a large lot, then inspected, then sent to a grading facility. I then have personally gone through several high-grade stones and hand picked from those to find the absolute best cut and color stone out of the already top cut and color stones. I inspect the stone using a SmartScope that allows up to 288X magnification to scrutinze the gem in the most unreasonably detailed way to ensure it is truly exceptional.


This gem in particular has amazing light performance that will catch the eye of anyone. The fire and sparkle is top of the top for any gem in the world. It is an absolute fireball. This is what it's all about. When this stone is on your finger or dangling from your neck in a gorgeous pendant, does it explode with flashes of light and fire? This is what a premium diamond or moissanite will do. Everyone who sees it goes "Whoa!" in amazement.

This gem has NOT been mounted before.


It is a 9mm D Color, VVS2 Clarity. Precise EX/EX/EX cut.

It's brilliance and intensity scores are exceptionally high due to the quality of the cut. The Lab Grading report measures these different aspects of light performance and the results are top of the charts.

Premium cut Forever One will display Hearts and Arrows patterns, even if it is not marketed as a "Hearts and Arrows" cut. This gem does display those characteristics clearly and sharply. Please see the pictures. The arrows are thinner than normal, this is due to the angle of the pavilion and crown being diffeent than diamond to maximize performance for Moissanite's higher refractive index. Light travels and bends differenly through moissanite than it does diamond, so the facets angles must be altered to redirect the light properly through the top of the stone. One result of this cut is thinner arrows. But the best result is more sparkle, brilliance and fire!


In the pictures, it is being displayed at 33X magnification so that you can see the crispness and symmetry of the cut from the table up and table down positions. Also included are some high intesity spot light images and a diffused ofice lighting picture on a hand.



Price is listed at $1050. This is  the same price as you pay at any retailer. It is guaranteed D Color VVS2 clarity. Without a certification you could order an F1 and get bad cut quality, G color and VS2 clarity. It's a gamble on gem quality without certification and many people have to go through several rounds of ordering to find a stone thy are happy with. There is no hassle of getting an unacceptable stone here.


The original Lab Report is included in the purchase. Please message me if you would like to see it. I can't load it here for viewing. It's PDF format and I can only post pictures. The original, laminated hard copy will come with the stone.


If you are not totally wow'd by this gem, I will take it back. You just pay the shipping to return it. I do inspect them, so I will not refund the purchase until after I have received the stone back and have throroughly inspected it for any damage or a swapped stone. You'd be surprised at people who will reutrn items swapped with a CZ or a different lesser quality stone or they have damaged the culet or girdle.

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